Weekly Shop Update #4

     First off, welcome to the new and improved D.I.Wyatt Custom Woodworks Homepage!  I moved over to SquareSpace from Wordpress and so far I LOVE it.  It's so much cleaner and functional, offers e-commerce without all that extra css coding and adding plugins and paying through a third-party.   It's been a busy week this week in D.I. Wyatt land, but not so much in the shop as it has been out of the shop.  I am moving towards completing the back wall in the shop.  Just have a few more french cleat panels and cabinets to hang back up and it will be good to go.  Here is the progress so far.  


I added the Port-A-Mate Lumber storage to the wall, a TV mount and shelf for my Ridgid Jobsite Radio.  I gotta have music going in the shop when I am working, and the TV is great to have around.  I don't watch a ton of TV in the shop, but it's nice to have.  Sometimes I have to get work done out there and it's during a major sports event etc., and this way I can multitask.   I am also adding a fold up shelf by the TV so I can place my laptop there and can easily stream YouTube videos etc. via Google Chromecast to the big screen.  There is more to come, but work has been super busy, AND this weekend was Wyatt's first birthday!  Lots of preparations at the house, and what a great day it was.  Below is the epitome of the day we had at his big ol' birthday party: 

I can't believe my little man is 1 already.  He's growing so fast.  Can't wait to get him out in the shop with me!

     This week I am going to try and get some more done on the walls in the shop, since next week I will be on vacation in Florida.  Can't wait to take some time off at the beach, but I definitely will be missing making all this progress in streamlining the shop.  Lots of events coming up soon.  Maker Faire in Atlanta in October as well as the Southern Woodworkers Camp out.  Rolling along with the planning for these events is extremely exciting.  Since I am on vacation, I may or may not make a Shop Update next week, just depends how the week goes.  Hope everyone has a great week, go make something awesome.